Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Monster In My Closet

For the second assignment, we were asked to write a text, at most 500 words, with a definite genre, form and audience in mind.  This is my submission:

Genre: Realistic (with a small nod to fantasy)
Form: Poem 
Audience: Boys and girls, 4-8 years old

The Monster In My Closet

Dear monster in my closet
You give me quite a scare
I hide beneath my blanket
I hold on tight to Bear

Your skin is slick with goo
There are tangles in your hair
You smell worse than my shoe
The day after the fair

Mom says you don't exist
That you're not really there
Even when I insist
She tells me,  "good night, my dear" 

Night after night you peek
I feel it in the air
I don't know what you seek
You just stand there and stare

Tonight, I will be brave
And fight you, yes, I'll dare
If you take me to your cave
I will destroy your lair

I slide the closet door
The closet floor is bare
Except for my alligator

That I thought was on my chair

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